The Mobile Computing and Networking (MCN) lab conducts research in many areas of wireless networks and mobile computing, with an emphasis on designing and evaluating mobile systems, protocols, and applications. Our mission is to prepare the next generation of researchers, developers, and educators in these areas by working on cutting-edge technologies and investigating high-impact research projects. Our projects span a large spectrum: wireless networks, mobile systems, Internet of Things, wireless security and privacy. Protocols, algorithms, and systems developed within the lab are typically tested through analysis, simulation and/or implementation. The lab is supported by NSF (CAREER, ITR, NeTS, NOSS, CT), Army Research Lab (ARL), Army Research Office (ARO), National Institute of Health (NIH), DoD/MURI, DoD/DTRA, PDG/TTC, HK RGC, and industry companies Cisco, Narus, Telcordia, IBM and 3ETI.

For further information, please contact Guohong Cao, Mobile Computing and Networking Lab, W313 Westgate Building, University Park, PA 16802, U.S.A.


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MCN LAB, The Pennsylvania State University